Retail rentals web app ecommerce Internet solutions for the professional entrepreneur. Use it for retail ecommerce or rental ecommerce.

Starlite is a unique retail rentals ecommerce internet solution supporting counter-top point-of-sale (pos retail web app ) hardware with dynamic Internet starlight support. It is used by many entrepreneur for web app costume rentals, tool rentals, game rentals, photographic rentals, movies rentals and other rentals hire and retail business model. This must be the perfect solution for the professional entrepreneur with online-store capability. Hardware support is included for thermal printer, webcam for customer ID, pole display, finger print reader for customer ID. This web app also comes with many strong reporting tools to support an ecommerce business. And not to be forgotten a strong advertising SMS mobile phone engine is included to communicate with your customers for those special store events as well as to promote your sales. So serve your walk in customers and at the same time serve your potential Internet customers. The world is for retail web apps and an evolving rentals business model.

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					<span style='margin-left:0px; margin-top:10px;'>On mobile devices use your finger to page-thru our catalog (<font class='teas-tx03'>swipe</font> left or right). Mouse <font class='teas-tx03'>hover</font> over catalog pictures to view product short descriptions. Mouse <font class='teas-tx03'>click</font> or <font class='teas-tx03'>tap</font> onto catalog pictures to expose available options. <font class='teas-tx03'>Horizontal</font> mobile device magnifies Window.</span><br>
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					StarLite provides a professional eCommerce Internet solution that will make your business available to a wider on-line audience. StarLite is designed to show your retail and rental catalogs to potential Internet customers.
					Catalog items can have associations to many types of media that will be displayed on StarLite. For example video footage showing how simple it is to switch on a power generator; and if required the relevant specifications can also be display in a PDF document. Other types of media supported are pictures, galleries, pricing annotations, On Sale tags and much more. 

					With StarLite customers can purchase or rent merchandise from your brick and mortar store or do these same transactions from the comfort of their computers or hand held mobile devices. As an entrepreneur your business models can become very diversified; following modern world trends.
					<span style='font-weight:600;'>StarLite is perfect for costume, tool, photographic, movie, games, boat, hardware, <span style='color:#F6A000;'>home industry</span> and other types of rentals and retail sales.</span><br><br>Contact us on <span style='color:#F6A000;'>About & More</span> or visit <a href=''></a></span><div class='d_c'><img style='border:0px; margin-top:5px;' src='images/retail-rental-ecommerce-web-app.jpg' alt='web app'/>

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